Design And Create Printables With Canva

WlecomeThe ultimate course that teaches you how to create profitable printable products in Canva to sell in your shop.

  • Why creating printables with Canva?
    • Designer and user friendly. Fast to create and easy to use. Free to use. Drag and drop web based design tool.
    • Lots of design elements for inspiration and use (please watch the video on Canva terms of use).
    • Highly popular tool to create profitable and unique printable products that your customers will love.
  • Let’s understand Canva terms of use for commercial use products
  • Create printables that you can turn into a digital product to sell in your shop for passive income (Canva Free)
    • Design and create essential components of printables
      • Create printable essentials using Canva (headers, footers, writing areas, checklist, table, tips for great design)
      • Design quickly by creating master pages and elements
    • Create calendar, monthly, weekly and daily planner, trackers, to-do list, checklist. Layout these pages in Canva.
  • Create activity pages
    • Kids chore charts
  • Create greeting cards (make them customizable)
    • Create wedding invitation, birthday anouncement
  • Create printables that you can use as freebies or lead magnets to grow your email list (Canva Free)
    • Create course workbooks and e-books
    • Create cheat sheet and checklist
  • Sell editable printables
    • Canva templates
    • Fillable PDF files
  • Create video and animated promo content for your printables
    • Create scrolling video to showcase your printable
  • Create a bundle of products of collection
    • Create a bundle and break it down into smaller printable products (sell both bundle and smaller printables to create more listings on Etsy)
    • Create a printable collection using the same themes or designs
  • Save and Export printable designs
    • Save the printable as Canva templates (sell templates or printable PDF) (Canva Free user + Canva Pro creator)
    • Export the Canva design to PowerPoint
    • Convert Canva printable designs into digital planner with hyperlinks
    • Create fillable on-screen printables (PDF) to sell in your shop  (Canva Free + Adobe Acrobat DC)
  • BONUS: Create custom Canva elements to import into Canva
  • BONUS: Where to sell your printables? Plus, the best tools for selling it on your own site.
  • BONUS: How to use your printables to grow your email list. How to deliver your printables.
  • BONUS: How to market your printables?

Ready to design and create profitable printables for your business and shop? $97

Upsell: Add a bundle of pre-made Canva templates that you can use as the foundational templates to build on top (commercial use) $37

  • Customize PLR graphics pack to create unique coloring pages to sell (Huw, Nirangan, Ellie, Maureen?)
    • Coloring journal pages
    • Coloring habit trackers
    • Coloring money trackers
    • Coloring activity pages
    • Coloring inspirational pages

Digital Product Ideas

  1. Productivity niche
    1. Daily weekly monthly planner
    2. cleaning planner/schedule
    3. chore chart
    4. reward chart
    5. productivity planner
    6. goal planner
    7. to-do list, daily planner
    8. calendars
    9. moving planner
  2. Self care niche
    1. self care planner
    2. daily gratitude
    3. dream journal
    4. daily habit tracker
    5. mood tracker
    6. affirmation cards
    7. inspirational wall art
  3. Fitness + Nutrition Niche
    1. fitness planner
    2. weight loss tracker
    3. meal planning kit
    4. grocery list templates (editable)
    5. food/pantry labels
    6. recipe book templates (editable)
  4. The Business niche
    1. branding kits
    2. website themes
    3. banner templates
    4. business planner
    5. thank you /business card templates
    6. gift card templates
    7. pricing lists (photographer)
    8. e-course/webinar slide deck templates
    9. lead magnet templates
    10. e-book templates
    11. mockups
  5. Faith niche
    1. bible reading planner
    2. faith based wall art
    3. bible study planners
    4. daily devotional journals
  6. Design element niche
    1. photoshop/procreate brushes
    2. clip arts
    3. fonts
    4. SVG files
    5. icons for iphone
    6. digital papers
    7. digital stickers
    8. printable stickers
  7. Finance + Budgeting niche
    1. finance planner
    2. bill tracker
    3. budgeting planner
    4. debt tracker
    5. cash envelope
    6. finance spreadsheets
  8. School/Career Niche
    1. teacher planner
    2. student planner
    3. study guide/workbook
    4. resume template
    5. cover letter template
  9. Wedding niche
    1. wedding annoucement
    2. save the date template
    3. welcome sign template
    4. seating chart
    5. table cards
    6. wedding planner
    7. wedding checklist
    8. bridesmaid cards
    9. bachelorette party games
  10. Travel Niche
    1. travel planner
    2. packing list
    3. bucket list planner
    4. world map wall art
  11. Social Media niche
    1. social media planner
    2. blog planner
    3. pinterest pin templates
    4. instagram templates
    5. instagram highlight icons
    6. lightroom presets
  12. Craft/DIY niche
    1. crochet patterns
    2. cross stitch patterns
    3. sewing patterns
    4. quilt patterns
  13. Motherhood/Family niche
    1. pregnancy announcements
    2. baby shower invitations
    3. welcome sign templates
    4. baby shower invite
    5. nursery wall art
    6. family tree template/printable
  14. General
    1. thank you cards
    2. greeting cards funny
    3. birthday card
    4. birthday party invite
    5. holiday cards
    6. abstract printable wall art
    7. customizable wall art

11 printable ideas that people use

Printable Power Pack

coloring pages
educational printables
wall papers and prints
budgeting printables, finance tracker
organizational guide e.g. closet
mindset guide
devotional planner
product planner